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Stump Removal

Tree cutting on an unwanted corner is good for the safety of lives and properties around us and eliminating the problems that come along with a tree of high altitude, but think of the large stumps it leaves behind. Most larges trees with huge roots network underneath the ground are usually the normal culprits of leaving stumps stuck in the ground after felling them.

These may seem less harmful a first, but think of the inconvenience it brings while mowing your landscape, complicating the landscape and making it more difficult to carry out a straightforward process in the shortest time as possible.

As a dead organic material, they usually attract insect and pest to where they are. Termites, ants may find their way around stumps, which may lead to an invasion on other tree and an infestation.

For a truly tree removal process, we offer the following as part of our stump removal process. 

Stump Grinding: This is the use of special grinding equipment to reduce a stump from its original sizes to wood chips of smaller/manageable sizes. This has proven to a very effective method of stump removal, irrespective of the type or sizes stump to be removed, you can contact us should you wish to get rid of those annoying stumps around your property. 

Chip Removal: After a stumping grinding process, it leaves loads of chip all scattered around the place, As a leading tree service in Des Moines, you can count on us to help you dispose them off. And it can also be used to fit into those landscaping works.

Top Soil Delivery: There is sure to be an indentation on the spot where the tree/stump is being removed, we can help you fill this up with no hitches.

Replanting: So, you’ve got ridden of those trees growing in an unwanted place, how about planting some for you in a spot you desire? Count on us to get your different types of trees planted to any chosen place on your property.


Need some clarification or quite, contact us today, and let’s help to grind and eliminate those ugly stumps.

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